Free Geek has a sale for a complete dual core processor desktop package. These desktops are still very good for basic tasks such as internet browsing, word processing or doing school homework.

Desktop towers are priced between $20 and $35 depending on computer specifications.
This week you can add a non-widescreen monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers for only $10. That would make it a complete desktop package starting from just $30.

The package is guaranteed to work and comes with 30 days warranty.

The package includes:

Dual core desktop tower with:
* Intel or AMD dual core processor
* 2-4 Gb of memory
* 80-250 Gb hard drive
* Linux operating system
* Libre office software productivity package (can read and write MS office documents)
Non-widescreen monitor (sizes vary between 17″ and up)
Keyboard and mouse is included
Speakers are included