Operations Manager Position Description

Position filled on 10/15/2019

Position posted on September 22nd. Applications accepted until October 10th.

Organization Background

Free Geek Twin Cities (FGTC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to combating the digital divide. Our mission is threefold:

  • Support the responsible reuse and recycling of electronic waste
  • Provide accessible technical education
  • Make affordable computer hardware available to the public

FGTC sustains itself by receiving donations of used electronics. Some of these are disassembled and recycled, while others are refurbished and sold in our Thrift Store.

Position Summary

This position will be 35 hours per week, including at least 5 hours of work on either Saturdays or Sundays. Hours are open to negotiation, but the Operations Manager must be present for the majority of Free Geek’s open hours, which are 12-5 Wednesday-Sunday. Preferred schedule: Wednesday-Sunday 10-5 or 9-5 with 1 hour break.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Perform as the primary supervisor for staff and volunteers on site. Assist the board with HR functions including time cards and employee relations.
  • Report regularly to the Free Geek Twin Cities Board of Directors
  • Attend and facilitate monthly staff meetings.
  • Help coordinate between the departments of Free Geek to ensure proper flow of materials and labor. The departments are Recycling, Intake, Refurb, and the Store. This will include facilitating:
    • Communication between the Store and both Refurb and Intake about the Store’s current inventory needs and standards
    • Communication between Refurb, Intake and Recycling about current standards for reusable computers and components
  • Manage volunteer and community engagement. This includes:
    • Responding to emails sent to info@freegeektwincities.org
    • Helping volunteers track their hours and rewarding volunteers by presenting them with a thrift store voucher
    • Soliciting donations
    • Building relationships with other organizations
  • Organize tours, schedule classes and outreach events at FGTC.
  • Help evaluate, document, and enforce organization policies
  • Coordinate facilities management and track operational needs, including materials needed for purchase, cleaning and de-cluttering, and the functionality of key systems

Required Qualifications:

  • Experience supervising/managing other employees and/or volunteers and working effectively with a team
  • Strong and effective interpersonal and communication skills

Desired Qualifications:

  • Interest in nonprofit administration and experience working with nonprofit organizations
  • Experience creating documentation and composing written material
  • Previous volunteer experience
  • Light technical knowledge or interest
  • Commitment to Free Geek Twin Cities’ Mission

To Apply

  • Send a resume (PDF or Word format) to board@freegeektwincities.org with “Operations Manager application” as the subject
  • Cover letter is recommended, but not required.