Tech room construction and reorganization

The following announcement is only for tech rooms.

Tech (refurbishing) rooms construction and reorganization work will be performed during the week of July 23rd through July 29th.

During the construction week no computer refurbishing work will be performed and volunteers will not be able to work on computer refurbishing tasks.

There are two goals for the construction work:
* To provide additional workspace for the increasing number of volunteers
* To make the refurbishing process easier and more efficient

The volunteers are welcome to help in the recycling room or with miscellaneous tasks such as sorting of the existing equipment.

During the tech room construction week other Free Geek operations will function normally:
* The intake will function normally and will accept new donations.
* The thrift store will be open during normal business hours.
* The recycling area will be operating normally.

The tech rooms will be back to normal refurbishing operations starting on August 1st. Thank you for your support and understanding.