is at 2pm every Saturday! Stop by if you are interested in volunteering.

  • E-Cycle


    Computers that are obsolete or broken are separated into their basic components by volunteers.
  • Equip


    While Free Geek recycles over 20 tons of electronics each year, our primary focus is getting the donated technology reused.
  • Educate


    Education or other learning opportunities abound at Free Geek, but most are less formal than classes.


Printer and CRT Donation Fee

Unfortunately, we have to post about an update to the donation fees.

Ideally, Free Geek could process CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes) and printers for free. Due to changes in commodity prices we will be charging to accept these donations. We want to be open about these costs and why we are stuck charging them. To a certain amount, we keep working printers available to be reused, but due to storage and volunteer-power constraints, we end up recycling printers too.

We are already seeing costs of $300 per transaction with our recyclers to handle printers and CRTs.

The fees for CRTs are :

  • <20″ $15
  • 21-25″ $25
  • >26″ $50
  • Bare tube, broken CRT, or damaged plasma screens $15

And for Printers :

  • Inkjets $10
  • All-in-one $25
  • Large printers $45

We feel this represents the ‘at cost’ by the pound rate we receive from our recyclers and will adjust these rates when we can to keep the costs to donators down.

Free Geek Website Changes

We’re happy to be moving forward with a new look at freegeektwincities.org. Over the years we have accumulated a fair number of pages, which we will also be updating!

Some things to watch for in the coming weeks:

  1. The ability to browse our current thrift store stock
  2. More posts about new learning opportunities
  3. Meeting minutes and Non-profit documents
  4. Social media feeds and more ways to connect than ever!
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